Peace on Earth Hunt #10

8 Dec


The Peace on Earth hung is back and in full swing, one of the oldest SL hunts is still going strong this yeah with just under 300 stores this year. I won’t be posting all the hunt gifts but i’ll try to get many in the picture.

Due to the restrictions of the webpage i’ll be posting pictures and links on  Click on one picture to open a small gallery then each in the gallery to get a SLURL and brief description of the prizes LI and what type of avi the clothing suits.


Rabbit Ears

21 Oct


The creator at Coco has been hard at work on lots of truly new creations. These pint sized Rabbits are just another example of her beautiful work and enormous generosity.

For just $0L a piece the rabbits come in a Silver Hare and a Cinna-Bun. There are also two adorable free outfits for your bitty bunny, a green lolita dress and a santa jacket. There are a range of outfits for this cute avi from jackets and sweaters to dresses. Each outfit is just $99 L.

There have been two prior Rabbit gifts. The version two of white rabbit I showed in my “Somewhere over the Rabbit Hole” post is also still available you just need to use the teleporter to head to COCO Doll (2nd from the bottom)

Day Dreams and Night Terrors

11 Oct

Night and DAy.jpg

The creator at Coco has been wowing us generation after generation with her fantastic ball jointed dolls. The latest version is a pint sized gift, the kid doll above. Head on down to Coco and join either group for $0L to gain access to a wide variety of gifts that i plan to cover in the next few posts.

The Kid Doll is a full avatar in two packages. The first package contains a unisex body, shape, full body alpha, hands and plain underthings for both genders. The second package contains the Alex and Alexa, a pair of Grey eyes human style ears. There are other optional eye and head packages available for a pretty reasonable price.

On the wall behind the avatars are even some free clothing pieces for the Kid Doll! On the left my little boy is wearing the free pastel stripe shirt. The shorts i’m wearing were $200L and the black slip on shoes $100L. The hair is Tomo from Ayashi, this hair is not free but they do have free hair gifts there.

On the right the Addams family member is dressed all in free. The Wednesday dress and dark elf shoes are available at no cost at Coco as well as a conical hat and jack-o-lantern staff. The Wednesday dress is also available as a gift for standard human and her Fashion ball jointed doll as well, just check the other departments for a mesh Halloween costume that can’t be beat. The Kizzy hair from Truth Hair is free in every colour on the front counter. As mentioned in the last post there are 2 other free hair gifts and tons of hair for just $50L a colour pack upstairs.

The full mesh Dorothy avi I showed in my “Somewhere over the Rabbit Hole” post is also still available you just need to use the teleporter to head to COCO Doll (2nd from the bottom)

Be sure to stop in and thank the creator of Coco and stay tuned, for a preview of more free ball jointed dolls, mesh bunnies and amazing clothing gifts from Coco coming in the next few posts.

Lostwithiel Lake Fallowry & Dulcina La Rue

10 Oct


A new week and a new gorgeous gift from the The White Armory. This time they are taking us to Lostwithiel Lake Fallowry. An amazing mesh gown reminiscent of  the lady of the lake.Coming in standard SL sizing from xxs-L and including a fit mesh version the arms come separately and with a few extra sizing options for the best fit.  I’ve chosen to wear the brooch with the train but there is a version with the brooch by itself. Join this group for just $0L and you will always have a new statement piece in your wardrobe. The outfits always boast some of the best texture work in SL and are obvious loving creations generously gifted to us weekly. Be sure to thank the creator for their generosity and check out the whole sim.

There is a new division at The White Armory named Silvan Moon Designs using original meshes created by Solasnagealai of Blue Moon Enterprises, and Bee Dumpling of The White Armory providing the beautiful texture work and stunning ads. The prices for their gowns are quite reasonable for the quality and there is a large discount area if you are looking for something special and specific on a budget.

The choker and earrings set with pearl and opal from Lazuri are contained in a purple basket in front of the group gifts, Lazuri is a $250L group join fee but again past gifts are still available but they often have free gifts available without a group tag.  Being an October baby in RL myself i have a special affinity for the Opal and couldn’t wait to show off the beautiful setting above of my favorite stone. The combination with White Armory’s gift was too stunning to pass up.

My hair in this picture “Freya” is not free but was a $25L Tuesday item from Calico. Each week there are two of her fantastic hairs up for grabs at just $25L a colour package and a free gift on the front desk as well. A discount area further back contains a few of her older mesh hairs at $250 for a full colour pack. This week we have pigtails named “Kimmie” and a full long hair name “Sabina”.

(Shape: Personal, Skin: Pink Fuel Doll Porcelin, Eyes: Poetic Moist, Meshie Bits: SLink Hand Casual)

Baby Doll

10 Oct


We’re just starting into October and last months monthly gifts will soon be replaced but while they’re still out you can grab some really amazing ones! Last month’s gift from Blacklace pictured above, Trixie, is still available. A mesh floral baby doll ready for a night of relaxing or getting your partner’s heart racing. The mesh babydoll top comes in standard SL mesh sizing from xxs-L as well as fitted for Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus and Maitreya Lara as well as an omega applier Slink Physiquefor the panties. The group join fee for Blacklace is a one time fee of $99L but after your first gift you’ve more than made back that investment and after nearly 4 years in the group my lingerie armoire is stuffed to overflowing both with the generosity of the creator and the amazing items i just had to buy!  Join the group and start livening up your weeknights.

The jewelry armoire is also overflowing to the brim with the latest group gifts from Earthstones. Group join for Earthstones is $250L but with the one time fee you have access to a wall of previous and current gifts. Above ophelia is wearing the Triple Tear Necklace and Earrings in Turquoise both recent group gifts from Earthstones and both still available. Nothing makes your avatar stand out quicker than the perfect accessories. White it takes a few minutes sometimes to sit the necklace and earrings just right it will always make your avi a little star.

No group join required for this last gift. Just head on down to Truth Hair . On the desk just as you come in are three free hair gifts! Above we have Jayla sweet mesh pigtails in five pastel shades with dark roots. Need more Truth hair but on a  budget? Head upstairs where there are a huge selection of Rigged Mesh and older favorite hairs for men and women at just $50L a colour pack! If you’re aiming for mesh only just check the bottom left corner of the ad before you buy.

Just a personal note i love posts like this everything worn in this post is either a current or past gift! (Shape: Personal, Skin: Curio: Past Gift, Eyes: Ikon: Past gift)

Fallen Gods my Favorites

8 Oct

Fallen Gods Skins.jpg

There were many amazing gifts given as part of the Fallen Gods 9 year anniversary it was hard for me to pick my favorites.

Top left from Pink Fuel – Harley Skin in Apricot. When i saw this skin in the hunt i squealed. I have purchased this skin at full price in a different shade as my main skin after searching the grid over for the perfect skin. It doesn’t come with appliers but they aren’t much more if you love this skin too. For Slink Hands and Feet, Phat Azz and Baby Bump it’s $100L each, $150 L for Lola Tango or Lush and $300L for Belleza, Maitreya, TMP or Omega. The full body ones include the SLink hands and feet.

Also top left i’m wearing the Midnight Mania gift from Wishbox. Just 40 slaps and Caprice in Shell could be dressing up your favorite fairy, faun or imp.

Gracing the head of the closeup is also a gift from the hunt. The Well of Souls crown from Silvan Moon Designs a division of The White Armory. Autumn colours on this inventive mesh crown make it perfect for my forest fae.

In the middle i’m letting out my inner neko with a mesh Kitsune tail from Cubic Cherry. If you love this tail as much as i did,  i noticed they had a ton of great group gifts out and at just $66L for the group join it’s a steal! I may just have to blog about that one soon, stay tuned!

Not to skip around too much but bottom right is a gift that i was super excited to hear about and it did not disappoint! From B@reRose a full mesh avi named Cian Daida. Unisex and absolutely gorgeous this is typical B@reRose. Just add AO and wow your friends!

Top Right and Bottom Left are the gifts from Fallen Gods. Top Right is the Vanitas in Absinthe for both men and women. This pack come with the Skin as shown with Slink, Omega, Loud Mouth, Soul Mer Uniear and TMP  appliers for the ladies and Slink, Omega, Lotus, Soul Mer Uniear and TMP for gentlemen. ( If the applier doesn’t work make sure you update your meshie body part) Above my models are both wearing SLink hands and feet. The outfit on my female is not free but the Midsummer Nights Dream in Earth from Purple Moon and it suited the little green Absinthe fairy better than anything else i could find. Everything else from the hair and eyes to the male sarong is all found in the final gift.

Bottom left is the Vanitas in Peacock from Fallen Gods. This gift is part of the celebration but not part of the hunt. This is the prize won in the fortune teller. There are currently two fortune teller machines out and each contains the gift in full for both men and women. Winning on either chair will give you every piece of the gift for both genders. Before i get to the run down of the full gift included i’d like to give you a quick rundown on how the fortune teller works! Each day you are assigned a number by each teller. When you sit with someone else from the sim it will tell you the % of cosmic connection you two have. This is the difference between your number and your friends. Sitting with the same person several times will NOT change your odds with them so please don’t spam sit take turns and ask to sit with people on both chairs. Watch the %’s! If you get 45% with someone and they then get 45% with another person there is a 50/50 chance you will match that person. Be patient they’ll be up for the month and your odds reset every day.

Now to the creme de la giftie! This prize contains the mesh hair, eyes, mesh clothing, wings, crowns, earrings, modesty layers and skin as shown above with all the same appliers as the other Vanitas gift. Make sure to thank Alia and wish Fallen Gods another 9 years of creating some of the most beautiful fantasies in SL!

Fallen Gods Bits and Bobbles

8 Oct


As promised the last two blogs about the Fallen Gods 9th Celebration are coming out today! This penultimate gives you a view of some of the odds and ends with my personal top picks from the hunt showing up in the last post.

#1 From Totally Tinies and Dinkies we have the Godzilla hat. Ready to help you win any crazy hat competition complete with flying airplanes.

#2 from Soul a SeptumCeption Piercing .

#3 from Unrepentant two versions of a goblet. One you can wear and one you can place that will allow a temporary attachment for your guests on touch. The animation to this is basic but works well and the goblet is nicely textured.

#4 from The Ippos Collective and Empyrean Forge a ring for each hand with a texture hud to change the stone. East to fit on both my system and SLink hand and with an easy to use HUD.

#5 from Secrets of Gaia a Tree of Life necklace. This was easy to sit and really well detailed.

#6 from Spyralle the Rave on! headpiece. As best as i can tell this is seated correctly on my head.

#7 from Frippery a Kaleidoscopes Bracelet. This was easy to fit for both system and Slink wrists.

#8 from Vengeful Threads the Soliel Necklace came with a fitting both for men and for women.

#9 from Faida three un-rigged mesh Secret Admirer Masks suitable for either gender and easily adjusted to fit. Reminding me of the phantom of the opera this would also compliment a variety of roleplay outfits, bringing rich detail to any character.

#10 from alpha.tribe the “My name is Red” Outfit.

#11 from Oxide the Eani Armband come with a HUD allowing to change through 4 different metals and 4 different gems to compliment a variety of outfits. With all arm bands it takes a bit to fit but use a pose stand and set aside a few minutes to get a great addition to your jewelry box.

#12 These cute little plushies of Nightgaunt and Cthulhu from Cerridwen’s Cauldron are probably my favorite thing above and at just 1 land-impact each  will be finding their way out on display at home.

#13 shows two gifts. First from MacMoragh an Gabha a simple medieval style system outfit with Omega appliers and The Artists’ AFK from The Looking Glass. I love a good AFK when you’re out and about. This comes with a pallet, paintbrush and the AFK itself. Wear all 3 pieces and you’ll be away in style!

Shown in many of the pictures above 3 poses from Astalianda named Divine also gifted in the hunt.

A few of the hunt items weren’t able to be shown in pictures. The special effects just refused to be caught on camera in a way that encapsulated how they look in world. From Arcanum a spark typer, from Cole’s Corner a Valkyrie Ocean Aura shimmers over your frame and for petites from Ankle Biter a Will O the Wisp sending sparklies around you.

(Shape: personal, Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley Apricot [hunt gift see next post], Eyes: Fallen Gods – Vanitas [part of the Fortune teller prize see next post],  Hair: Truth Fernanda [previous group gift])